Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my store goes live?

After the application is complete, It normally takes about 2-3 week. We just need to get all the documents as soon as possible so we can get started.

What are the documents that I will need to submit?

LLC Name , Articles of incorporation, and EIN.

What is the best state for incorporation?

Wyoming, but this is optional.

Do I need a resale certificate?

This is depending on which state your LLC was incorporated in.

How long does the entire process take on average?

On average 4-6 weeks for Amazon store , 3-5 weeks for Walmart on average.

Does the credit card I suit have to be in the LLC name or can it be in my name?

At the start of the process you are allowed to use a personal credit or debit card which can be changes towards the end of the process.